Construction Demolition Debris

​Solid Waste Facilities in the SWA region are governed by Title III, a voluntary certification program for C&D sorting facilities. Builders who are required to recycle by City or County ordinance or by the California Green Building Code "CALGreen" can comply by sending mixed loads of C&D to certified facilities for recycling credit. It is an easier way for builders to recycle if their job-site is too crowded for multiple bins or if they have other reasons why mixed recycling is preferable to source separating their wood, metal and cardboard. 

Certified facilities are inspected regularly to confirm that their recycling programs for sorting wood, metal, cardboard and concrete are operating. High performance facilities that achieve 50 percent diversion or better obtain "Select Status" certification and a series of incentives.

The Application for Certification is straightforward, or contact us for additional information.​