Solid Waste Franchises

Franchise Hauler List​​

Commercial Waste Haulers​

Haulers​ who collect, transport, transfer, dispose and/or recycle commercially-generated solid waste including putrescible organic material, must have a current valid franchise to operate in the SWA region. Franchises are non-exclusive, meaning that SWA policies allow franchised haulers to collect material throughout the SWA service area. All requirements, including annual renewal, quarterly tonnage and monthly revenue reports, are detailed in SWA Code. 

For assistance on filling out the application​ or to determine whether the franchise requirements apply, contact us.

Operational Requirements​

Services must include:

  • Written service agreements with customers (4.01.090D)
  • Commitment to the diversion of recyclable material (2.01.0805, 2.01.230, 2.01.220)
  • Auditable recordkeeping and willingness to provide customer data upon request (2.01.190C)
  • Containers and vehicles that clearly identify ownership (2.01.330)
  • Office located within SWA service area
  • Franchisees can exclude tonnage from the Rural Exclusion Zone from their quarterly diversion mandate