WasteRight Sacramento helps businesses meet state mandates for diverting recyclables, food waste, and green waste from landfill disposal and reduce greenhouse gasses. SWA requires all businesses in Sacramento to separate their waste into recyclables, organics, and landfill trash.

2020 Summer Stakeholder Information Meetings
The SWA is hosting 2 information meetings to provide updates on implementations of new ordinances, proposed County Code changes, SWA dissolution, and Senate Bill 1383. 

Meetings will be held on July 23 and August 20 at 9:00 A.M. through Skype. 

To join, follow this link: tinyurl.com/SWASu​mmerMeetings​

Download the flyer for the meeting here.

July 23 SWA Summer Stakeholder Informational Meeting Presentation

August 20 SWA Summer Stakeholder Informational Meeting Presentation

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